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Welcome to the PowerWeb Industrial and Marine Gas & Steam Turbine data and information section. On this page, we provide detailed charts and data from Forecast International's Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast. The data covers the world market for industrial and marine gas & steam turbines, including mechanical drives and engines used for power generation. We also list the top 10 manufacturers and top 10 engine models both by sales values and units.

Industrial & Marine Gas Turbine Data: 15-Year Forecast 2017-2031

The world market for Industrial and Marine Gas & Steam Turbines is quite complex and occupies a large portion of the production capacity of several very large firms in Europe, Asia, and the United States. This activity is rapidly becoming ever more important, as gas and steam turbines (often in combined cycle applications) are increasingly sought as prime movers for application within the world's power and energy industries.

Faced with potential global warming as well as pollution problems, the energy industry is phasing out hundreds of coal burning plants in favor of clean burning gas turbines powered by natural gas or other fuels that provide far less noxious emissions. At the same time, many countries, having experienced or witnessed harrowing near disaster nuclear scenarios, have made the decision to phase out nuclear facilities in favor of much safer and controllable gas turbines.

Industrial and Marine Gas & Steam Turbine Forecast

Production of Industrial and Marine Turbine Engines - Data and Analysis

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Industrial and Marine Gas & Steam Turbine Forecast - Sales Values 2017-2031


By Stuart Slade, Gas Turbine Systems Analyst,
Forecast International

According to Forecast International's Platinum Forecast System, GE has clearly moved into the dominant world position in the production of industrial & marine gas and steam turbines. As shown in the pie chart, GE Energy, with plants in Cincinnati (Ohio), Erie (Pennsylvania), Schenectady (New York), and Atlanta (Georgia), will capture 33.8% of the world market, valued at over $113.6 billion, during the 2017-2031 period. In addition, subsidiaries in France, Italy, and Japan will contribute about 3% of production, bringing the overall share of GE up to almost 37% of the world market.

Siemens, with several plants in Germany plus others in the U.K., Sweden and the U.S., will rank second with 23.2%, valued at $78.0 billion, while Mitsubishi of Japan will capture 17.7% ($59+ billion) in its own right, plus another 3% when teamed with Hitachi.

Solar Turbines, while ranking fourth in terms of value ($20.6 billion), will actually rank first in terms of quantities of turbines produced, as Solar’s line is composed primarily of lower-powered units that are very popular for mechanical drives in the oil and gas industry and elsewhere.

Overall, analysts at Forecast International predict a vast and growing world market for gas and steam turbines of all types for marine power and industrial applications, achieving combined values in excess of $336 billion over the next 15 years.

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