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Welcome to the PowerWeb Industrial and Marine Gas & Steam Turbine data and information section. On this page, we provide detailed charts and data from Forecast International's Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast. The data covers the following market segments: Gas Turbine Electrical Power Generation, Microturbine Electrical Power Generation, Gas Turbine Mechanical Drive Engines, Gas Turbine Marine Engines, and Steam Turbines for Combined-Cycle Installation.

Market Highlights Sales USD Total Units Electric Power Gen. (Gas) Mechanical Drives (Gas) Ind. Steam Turbines Marine (Gas)
2020 Forecast: 15.1B 822 348 246 104 124
2019 Actuals: 15.0B 784 349 239 113 83
2019-2020 Change +0.3% +4.8% -0.3% +2.9% -8.0% +49.4%
Gas Turbines, Power Generation (excl. micro) Mechanical Drive Engines Steam Turbines - Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Marine Engines
5-Year Industrial and Marine Gas & Steam Turbine Engine Data

Industrial & Marine Gas Turbine Data: 15-Year Forecast 2020-2034

In today's an energy-hungry world, Forecast International's Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast (Gas & Steam) features detailed coverage of simple- and combined-cycle power generation turbines, mechanical drive equipment used in the oil and gas industry, and marine propulsion units, providing unique insight into the market trends that dominate the I&M sector and the operational requirements that drive those trends. On this page, we provide a snapshot of the I&M forecast data and hope you will find it useful and consider purchasing the full product.

The full Industrial & Marine Turbine Forecast (Gas & Steam) covers turbines ranging from 1,200 kW to over 300 MW in power. Each report comes complete with tech data, prime and affiliated contractor listings, descriptions of engine variants, and news on notable contracts. The forecast covers leading programs such as the LM2500, the GE Model 9000, the Mitsubishi 501/701, the Rolls-Royce MT7 and MT30, the Solar Titan, and the Siemens SGT-8000H/SGT6-8000H, SGT400, and SGT800, and also features reports on Capstone microturbines.

Industrial and Marine Gas & Steam Turbine Forecast

ANALYSIS: COVID-19 Impact On The Marine Gas Turbine Market Limited--So Far

An examination of the marine gas turbine market by Forecast International suggests that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is less than first feared. So far, a combination of allowances made for strategically-essential industries, the fundamental structure of the shipbuilding industry, flexibility in scheduling and astute planning by the major marine turbine companies have kept disruption to a minimum. However, Senior Analyst for Industrial and Marine Gas Turbines, Stuart Slade, points out that continuance of this situation cannot be guaranteed. "There is a growing body of opinion that the infectiousness of COVID-19 may result in it becoming an established feature of the 'disease landscape'. It may never go away completely and the marine gas turbine industry may have to learn to live with it."

The study by Forecast International projects that 640 marine gas turbine machines will be produced during the period 2020-2029. This represents a decline of 6.6 percent from the total projected in last year's edition of this market analysis. These engines have a total value of $5,784.33 billion, a decrease of 3.3 percent from the equivalent total last year. Slade suggests that the major reason for this decline is the end of numerous shipbuilding programs at a time when their replacements in the shipyards are not yet fully defined.

While problems caused by the COVID pandemic have been contained in the short term, Slade sees a longer-term problem emerging. The marine gas turbine industry and its clients have coped with the maintenance and support side of its operations partly by running down established stockpiles of components and partly by deferring scheduled maintenance for which parts were scarce or unavailable. The latter, in particular, can only be done for so long and such deferred work is likely to escalate in cost and extent. Thus, the impact of COVID-19 on the marine gas turbine industry may not be over soon.

Between them, General Electric (including IHI), Rolls-Royce and Zorya-Mashproekt account for 96 percent of the marine gas turbines to be produced and 90 percent of the value of gas turbine production during the forecast period. The worldwide focus on marine gas turbines has centered on General Electric Co (USA) and Rolls Royce, but Zorya-Mashproekt continues to offer marine gas turbines in the output range of 4,500 36,300 hp for Russian, Ukrainian, Indian, and Vietnamese vessels.

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