Rolls-Royce AE 1107C (T406)

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About the AE 1107C:

The AE 1107C-Liberty (T406) is a 6,000-shp class turboshaft engine manufactured by Rolls-Royce at its facility in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The two-shaft axial design of the AE 1107C consists of a 14-stage compressor followed by an effusion-cooled annular combustor, a two-stage gas generator turbine, and a two-stage power turbine. The engine features six rows of variable compressor vanes, dual FADEC (controls both engine and propeller), a self-contained oil system that allows for vertical operation, modular construction, and a so-called 'on-condition' maintenance capability.

The AE 1107C-Liberty was developed as the T406 for the Bell Helicopter Textron/Boeing V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor military transport aircraft operated by the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) and U.S. Air Force (AFSOC). The AE 1107C features the same common core architecture as the Rolls-Royce AE 2100 (used on the C-130J Hercules) and the AE 3007 (used on the RQ-4 Global Hawk), incorporating high-efficiency components and reduced maintenance features. When installed on the V-22, the AE 1107C-Liberty engines are housed in tilting wing-tip nacelles.

The AE 1107C is also being considered as a cost-effective upgrade for existing military heavy-lift helicopters such as the CH-47 Chinook, the CH-53 Sea Stallion/Super Stallion and the MH-53 Sea Dragon.

AE 1107C-Liberty engines are provided to the U.S. Military under a commercial procurement agreement and, as of September 2014, Rolls-Royce had delivered more than 730 engines. Rolls-Royce is currently testing the MT7, a naval variant of the AE 1107C, which has been selected for the U.S. Navy's Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC).

Since 2009, Rolls-Royce has invested $90 million in capability and reliability improvements for the AE 1107C, and thereby reduced the maintenance cost per flight hour by 34%. Since 2012, all new V-22 Ospreys have been delivered with a Block 3 turbine upgrade kit. For older V-22s, Rolls-Royce is making Block 3 engine retrofits during routine maintenance under its MissionCare contract with the DoD. The Block 3 turbine kit is part of a series of upgrades that will increase the AE 1107C's engine power by at least 17%, improve time-on-wing, and reduce maintenance costs.

On April 23, 2012, Rolls-Royce was awarded a $598 million contract by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for 268 AE 1107C engines for USMC and AFSOC V-22s. On February 12, 2013, Rolls-Royce received an $84 million contract for 38 AE 1107C engines for the USMC and AFSOC. On February 24, 2014, Rolls-Royce was awarded $90 million by the U.S. Navy for 40 AE 1107C engines to power Marine Corps MV-22 aircraft. On November 24, 2014, Rolls-Royce was awarded a $287 million contract for maintenance services in support of USAF/USMC V-22 AE 1107C engines.

Sources Used: U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and Rolls-Royce plc.

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Engine Type:

Turboshaft Engine


V-22 Osprey (CV-22 and MV-22)


In Production


Rolls-Royce plc

Price/Unit Cost:

$2.20 million

Rolls-Royce T406 AE 1107C Turboshaft Engine

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External Resources:

The Rolls-Royce Website: Rolls-Royce AE 1107C

YouTube: Rolls-Royce AE 1107C on YouTube

Fact Sheet: Not Available


Engine Specifications: Rolls-Royce T406 AE 1107C-Liberty

Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce plc
Power: 6,150 shp (4,586 kW)
Overall Pressure Ratio at Maximum Power: 16.7
Compressor: Two spool, axial flow
Compressor Stages: 14 HP
Turbine Stages: 2 HP + 2 PT
Engine Control: Dual FADEC
Length: 78.1 in (1.98 m)
Diameter: 34.2 in (86.87 cm)
Dry Weight: 971 lbs (440 kg)
Platforms: CV-22/MV-22 Osprey
Price/Unit Cost: $2.20 million
First Run: Unknown
First Flight: March 19, 1989

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