Zorya-Mashproekt UGT Series

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About the UGT Series:

Gas Turbine Research & Production Complex Zorya-Mashproekt produces engines from 2.5 to 60 MW for electric power stations and gas compressor units. It is part of the Ukrainian state holding company Ukroboronprom. Zorya-Mashproekt produces a range of gas turbines for use in gas mains. These generate between 3.36 MW for the UGT 3000 to 26.7 MW for the UGT 25000. The Zorya-Mashproekt power generation units range from the UGT 2500 delivering 2.85 MW to the UGT 110000 delivering 114.5 MW.


Utility and industrial power generation, including combined-cycle and cogeneration installations.


Zorya-Mashproekt is a state-owned company. Product development is funded by the Ukrainian government.


In production.

Total Produced:

By the beginning of 2019, approximately 1,200 Zorya-Mashproekt industrial power generation machines had been manufactured and installed. Approximately 2,000 gas pipeline turbocompressor units had been delivered.


In the electrical genset arena, the Zorya-Mashproekt UGT Series of engines faces competition from the I&M Trent, the Alstom GT8C2 and the MHI PWPS FT8 Twin Pac. In the mechanical drive arena, the Zorya-Mashproekt UGT Series competes with the I&M Trent and the GE LM6000PC Sprint.


1) Denis Gordienko appointed general director of Zorya-Mashproekt in late 2019; 2) Russian market effectively closed to Zorya-Mashproekt; 3) Russia heavily promoting NPO Saturn as rival; and 4) Zorya-Mashproekt actively advertising a modular variant of the UGT-15000.

Sources Used: Forecast International and Zorya-Mashproekt.

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Engine Type:

Series of industrial gas turbines
(many different variants)

Power Rating:

From 2.5 to 114.5 MW


In Production



Price/Unit Cost:

$1.1 to $45.8 million depending on variant

Zorya-Mashproekt UGT 3000 industrial gas turbine

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