Siemens SGT-800 Gas Turbine

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About the Siemens SGT-800:

The Siemens SGT-800 (formerly Siemens GTX100 and earlier Alstom GTX100) is a single-shaft, heavy-duty, 50/60 Hz industrial gas turbine in the 40-60 MW power class. The SGT-800 is available in three versions with power outputs of 47.5, 50.5 and 54.0 MW, respectively.


The current application is electrical generation, including simple-cycle, combined-cycle, and cogeneration installations. To date, no machines have been ordered for mechanical load drive duty.


The SGT-800 was privately developed by ABB Stal, which later became a unit of Alstom.


In production.

Total Produced:

According to Siemens corporate documentation published in June 2017, a total of 325 SGT-800 (and earlier GTX100) machines had been installed. By June 2019, the total had risen to 370.


Apart from gas turbine machines manufactured in the Russian Federation and Ukraine, the SGT-800 competes primarily with the General Electric LM6000 and the Frame 6B/C.


1) Current sales are averaging around 20-25 per year; 2) Major markets in Middle East and Far East; 3) Combined-cycle and cogeneration duty are prime sales arenas; and 4) The machine is ideal for midsize, non-grid-oriented power schemes.

Sources Used: Forecast International and Siemens AG.

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Engine Type:

Single-shaft, heavy-duty, 50/60 Hz industrial gas turbine

Power Rating:

From 47.5 to 54.0 MW


In Production


Siemens AG

Price/Unit Cost:

$17.5 million

Siemens SGT-800 industrial gas turbine

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