General Electric MS7001 (Frame 7 / Model 7000)

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About the GE MS7001:

The General Electric MS7001 is a single-shaft, axial-flow, heavy-duty, industrial-design 60 Hz gas turbine with a power output (in simple-cycle operation) in the range of 85 to 172 MW, depending on model - or up to 400 MW combined cycle.


Utility and industrial power generation installations, including cogeneration and combined-cycle plants and mechanical load drive duty.


The MS7001 was privately developed by General Electric.


In production.

Total Produced:

A total of 1,797 60 Hz MS7001 gas turbines of various types have been manufactured and installed.


The 60 Hz General Electric MS7001 faces competition from gas turbines built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Siemens Westinghouse.


1) Production activity currently increasing, although power installers are maintaining a cautious order pattern; 2) STAG-cogen packages are particularly attractive for U.S. customers; 3) Model 7FB and 7H production to rise noticeably in the decade; and 4) 7FA projected to remain the most popular model in the MS7001 Family, especially in the U.S.

Sources Used: Forecast International and General Electric Co.

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Engine Type:

Heavy-duty, single-shaft, axial-flow industrial gas turbine for 60 Hz operation

Power Rating:

From 85 MW (single cycle)
to 400 MW (combined cycle)


In Production (7E.03, 7F.04/7F.05/7F.06, 7HA.01/7HA.02)


General Electric Co.

Price/Unit Cost:

$41-49 million depending on variant

General Electric 7F.04 heavy-duty industrial gas turbine

Last Update: December 20, 2016.

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